moto e 2015 leak

It’s been less than a year since Motorola first unveiled the Moto E, but the low-cost Android phone may already be due for an upgrade. A leaked image of a second-generation model published by Android Police reveals an upgraded handset that includes one key feature we can’t believe didn’t make the cut last time around: a front-facing camera.

Yup, the Moto E may finally be getting a front-facing shooter, at least based on what appears to be a pretty official render of the device. It’s still hard to believe that the original model only sported a single camera, though considering its $129 price tag it didn’t come as a total shock. Hopefully Motorola can keep costs just as low this time around.

The device is also pictured running Android 5.0 Lollipop—you can tell from the shape of its on-screen navigation buttons. The design has been tweaked slightly as well, with a single speaker grill up top replacing the stereo sound setup on last year’s model. Thankfully, it looks like that should mean a thinner bezel at the bottom. It’s possible the new Moto E could actually support LTE this time around, though that may just be wishful thinking.

With Mobile World Congress just around the corner in March we may get a first look at the Moto E (2015) during the Barcelona trade show. Then again, Motorola could opt for a standalone event, or this could be a fake.

Hopefully we’ll know more soon. For now, check out our hands-on photos with the original Moto E below.