Google Nexus 6-13

The Moto Care extended warranty is now available on Nexus 6 handsets purchased from Motorola. The two-year plan, which also covers accidental damage, is priced at $129.99 and allows you to make up to three claims.

Thanks to their large touchscreens, smartphones are pretty fragile objects. Unless you have a robust case, dropping one onto a hard surface will almost certainly cause its display to shatter, and perhaps break other components, too. And the Nexus 6's giant 5.9-inch display could make it even more susceptible to accidental damage.

But with a Moto Care plan, you can cover your handset against an early death for up to two years. If you break your device, or it simply breaks down due to a manufacturing defect or component failure, Motorola will replace it. You can claim up to three times during the 24-month period, and each claim will cost you just $39.

On top of that, you get full customer support for your device during the length of your plan, so that if something goes wrong or you have questions about anything, you can simply pick up the phone and give Motorola a call.

Moto Care for the Nexus 6 may be $44.99 more expensive than it is for the new Moto X, but of course, the Nexus 6 has more expensive components — such as that super sharp Quad HD display, a better camera, and a faster processor. With that in mind, $129.99 isn't bad for complete peace of mind over your shiny new phone.

There is one caveat, however. Moto Care is only available on Nexus 6 handsets purchased directly from Motorola, so if you got yours from Google or through a carrier, you aren't eligible for it. In addition, Moto Care plans must be applied within 30 days of your handset purchase.