Fancy upgrading your Moto 360's standard strap to an official metal one? Now you can, thanks to AT&T, which is selling both the black and silver metal straps and additional leather ones separately, with prices starting at $30.

Motorola promised us that new strap options would be coming for the Moto 360 when the device went on sale this summer, but the company is yet to begin selling them through its own online store or other retail channels. Now it seems AT&T has first dibs on them.

The carrier is offering both the black and silver metal straps, as well as leather ones in gray, black, and brown. So, if you bought your device with a gray strap and you fancy swapping it for a brown one, or you want to upgrade to a metal band, now you can — without buying a whole new device.

The leather straps are priced at $30 each, while the metal models are $80 each. They're "due today," according to their product pages on the AT&T website, and they'll ship within 3-5 business days.