Earlier this morning we published a leaked image of a smaller new Moto 360, reportedly dubbed the Moto 360S. Now we’re back with yet another image, this time of the larger brother and the assumed successor of the original Moto 360, possibly dubbed the Moto 360L.

As you’ll note in the image above, it looks similar to the Moto 360S and, for that matter, even the original Moto 360. The big distinguishing feature is the new lugs, which will presumably make swapping bands much easier. It also provides a more classic look. Unfortunately, we don’t have a full circle display this time around, it seems, with the same black spot occupying the lower portion of the screen as it did on the original Moto 360.

Rumor has it Motorola will introduce its new smartwatches, perhaps the Moto 360S and Moto 360L, or whatever the final names are, sometime during the IFA trade show in Berlin next week. We’ll be there if these do make an appearance. Here’s a look at the Moto 360S from earlier, in addition to prior leaked photos: