Motorola’s Moto 360 was announced almost a year ago, but it’s still among the best Android Wear devices on the market. And while it might be best to wait for version two, Motorola is making the existing iteration mighty hard to ignore thanks to Moto Maker support. That gold finish looks stunning with a cognac leather band. It’s so, so tempting.

There are many reasons to love Moto Maker, and being able to customize your perfect watch combination just makes the service that much better. Before, you kind of had to mix and match to achieve the exact combination you were looking for. Now you can choose the case color, band and even what face your Moto 360 ships with.

That’s about the extent the customization goes. It’s not quite as deep as the Moto X Moto Maker, but it’s still a very welcome addition. My personal combination—gold, 22mm leather cognac, digital watch face—comes to a total of $279.99 before taxes, with an estimated delivery on March 18. Not bad, especially when you consider one of its newest rivals, the Apple Watch, starts at $349 for the Sport Edition.

Pricing will depend on what case and bands you choose. The metal 24mm Mono link, for example, is an extra $50.00, though it says shipping is delayed; the 23mm and 18mm metal bands are also an extra $50.00; the gold case is $30 more than the dark and light finishes. That said, the most expensive the Moto 360 gets is $329.99, and that’s with all the bells and whistles.

I don’t know about you, but Android Wear support for iOS can’t come soon enough.