Without the ability to alter Android Wear, it’s up to manufacturers to differentiate devices through design. And Motorola has done just that with its Moto 360, going with a rounded design that more closely resembles classic timepieces. But it might be even better than we could’ve imagined, as Motorola could offer the smartwatch through its unique Moto Maker service, giving consumers the option to customize how the watch looks when it launches later this summer.

When Google took the stage during its keynote last week, a release date for the Moto 360 was conspicuously absent; the G Watch and Gear Live, meanwhile, received proper release dates and pricing. But it appears the hold up is due to Moto Maker support. Additionally, it sounds like Motorola wants to launch the Moto 360 alongside the Moto X+1, which the company already promised was coming out later this summer.

PhoneArena says it isn’t too clear what Moto Maker options will be available upon launch, but Motorola could offer black or steel casings, and also the option to choose a specific wrist strap. At Google I/O last week, we got a glimpse of the Moto 360 in a kind of black casing, along with a black leather strap. Since this is just a watch, the customization options will likely be limited, but it’s cool that Motorola is willing to give consumers some control.

In terms of what to expect with the Moto X+1, there have been rumors we’ll see new leather customization options when it launches, but nothing is official as of yet. We’re expecting the “later this summer” timeframe to land somewhere near the end of August/early September, but of course we’ll be keeping our eyes out for any news on that.