The tiny screen found on the Moto 360 doesn’t exactly lend itself to easy on-screen typing, but if anyone can fit a full keyboard onto Motorola’s small circular display its the developers at Minuum. The company, which got its start on crowd-funding site Indiegogo, have already revealed its plans to bring predictive typing to Google Glass. Now it’s doing the same for Android Wear.

Minuum’s basic template is always the same: a scrunched up QWERTY keyboard that can predict the word you meant to type even if your fingers don’t always hit the right letters. The company’s mission is to fit that keyboard anywhere and everywhere possible, and the Moto 360 is no exception. In a quick mockup we see the design bend at the middle to curve along the bottom edge of the device. Along the top of the screen, Minuum shows three word suggestions as you type, while the rest of the display is used to show your actual messages.

Despite this beautiful concept, Minuum may not be compatible with the Moto 360. The company acknowledges that it’s still up to Google to decide whether Android Wear includes the necessary input support for its predictive keyboard.

With Android Wear, Google is putting its voice recognition software front and center. You’ll always be able to get Google’s attention with just a few words before issuing a quick command or rattling off a message. Even so, there are bound to be some times where voice commands won’t work, such as in a noisy room. That’s where Minuum would shine.