Still rocking the first Moto 360? New life has been injected into the aging wearable, with an update to the Motorola Connect app introducing new watch faces, and the ability to change the color of the device’s charging screen. Not the biggest update ever, but a new and fun way to further customize your device. At least until you pick up the new Moto 360, which comes in two different sizes.

There are five different charging colors, including the default: red, green, purple, yellow and blue. Meanwhile, four new watch faces have been added, letting users take advantage of the new interactive watch face feature that was recently added. The new watch faces include Dials, Dials II, Essential and Refined, all of which mirror a more traditional look.

The new watch faces include space for thee complications, which are capable of displaying information such as weather, calories burned, steps taken, and more. The older Moto 360 is still a perfectly serviceable smartwatch, but if you’re on the fence about upgrading, check out our hands on with the 2015 model below.