Ever since the Moto 360 officially launched, it’s been a difficult item to come by. Whether it’s selling out on Motorola’s own site or through Google Play, the wearable has quickly become one of the hottest tickets out there, universally beloved for its great design.

If you haven’t been able to track one down just yet, we have some good news: the Moto 360 is back in stock through motorola.com (in the U.S. only). The bad news? Quantities are limited.

Out of the handful of Android Wear devices available, Motorola’s Moto 360 is easily the best money can buy. The traditional design is leagues ahead of devices like the Gear Live and G Watch, giving users a mix of great technology without looking like something a robot designed; it’s something you can wear even if you’re not that big of a smartwatch fan.

At $249, the Moto 360 is a little more expensive than its Android Wear counterparts, but it seems consumers don’t mind paying the little extra for the added quality. Head on over to Motorola’s site now or, if you want to try your luck elsewhere, you can pick up the Moto 360 from Best Buy.