Not to knock that macaroni portrait from third grade, but isn’t it time Mom got something she can actually use? Well, our chance to thrill her is coming up once again. Mother’s Day will be here in just under two weeks. While that’s enough time to get her something she’ll really love, you don’t want to wait too long (especially if there’s any customization involved with her gift).

Here are a few gift ideas that are sure to please, at a range of price points.



Ladies, back me up here — if there’s one thing that’s less fun than troubleshooting printing problems, it’s transferring our things from one bag to another. Well, Cocoon’s Grid-IT! system makes the process neat and easy. Grid-IT! hugs all manner of gadgetry — from cell phones, chargers and power bricks to other petite accessories and devices. Prices start at $10, and a variety of sizes are available, for huge “soccer mom” bags or smaller totes.

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UP by Jawbone

Yes, there are plenty of fitness devices out now, but we like the Jawbone UP for this occasion, since there’s zero potential for wireless glitches or similar issues for dear old mom. (There’s no wireless at all, in fact — it syncs by plugging in the 3.5mm jack right into her smartphone’s headphone port.) Jawbone addressed the multitude of problems in Version 1 with Version 2, and now it supports both iOS and Android devices, so it should work for her, no matter which platform she rocks. It’s water-resistant, has long battery life and can track her steps, calories consumed/burned and even stages of sleep. Available in a multitude of colors for $130.

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4 out of 5

Proximo Monitoring System

Is mom always losing her keys? Her phone? Her mind? Well, maybe Proximo can’t help with that last one, but it can do a lot for the first two. This app-enabled monitoring system features a fob that can peg her items’ locations at any time. The $60 starter kit includes one fob and one tag, which can be applied to keys, bags, phones, etc. And additional tags are available for only $25.

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4 out of 5

10.4-Inch Pix-Star Digital Picture Frame

Digital photo frames are simply an awesome gift for family members, particularly those who are tech-challenged. Instead of emailing them images or relying on mom to log into Facebook and check out your photos there, this Wi-Fi-enabled gadget lets you email them straight to her frame, so she can see your shining face without fussing with things like account logins. You can also set up her Pix-Star frame to work with Picasa, Facebook, Flickr, Smugmug and other services, for automatic syncing. Available for $189.

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Snapfish Custom Phone Cases

Smartphone cases have replaced old-fashioned wallet pics for showing off family members, so arm your mom with some bragging rights with this custom phone case. Or select some of her own favorite artistic snaps from her last vacation, dream destinations or other subjects. Customizable cases cost only $25 and come in a range of styles for the iPhone 3G, 4, 5, BlackBerry Bold, and Samsung Galaxy SII. Not sure what to pick? Snapfish offers several slick design templates for your perusal.


Personalized Mouse Pad

This one’s high on practicality, as well as sentimentality. And with a mousepad of her favorite kid (you!) or other family photos, she can beat the drudgery of the 9-to-5 life with a constant reminder of why she works so hard. Prices start at $10.


Gift Cards

When you’re running out of time or can’t think of the right present, in comes the good old standby, the gift card, to save the day. And if mom just got a new device, it can really add to her joy to choose some new apps or media to go along with it. Amazon, Google Play and iTunes all offer gift cards. And if she’s an iTunes user, there’s an even a nifty way to redeem it using her Mac’s camera.

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Have you gotten something for Mother’s Day yet? Tell us what you picked up or are planning to get in the comments.

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