We’re working toward our smartphone of the year award, which we’ll publish sometime next week before the New Year. In the meantime, we’ve broken down the award into various categories including the device with the best design, the best camera, the most unique and more.

Today, we’re going to honor the most underrated phone of the year, the LG V20.

Unfortunately, perhaps for LG, the company has a problem revealing its devices very early and then waiting months before it actually pushes them to the market. By the time they are available, all hype has pretty much died down, no matter how great the device is.

That happened with the LG V20, which was introduced as the first phone to sport Android Nougat but launched right on the eve of the Google Pixel, which hardcore Android purists would probably prefer. Also, for whatever reason, during the whole Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, LG hadn’t launched the V20 in the US. It would have been the perfect device for Galaxy Note 7 users to switch to had it been available slightly earlier.

The LG V20 flew under the radar

In any case, here’s the point: the LG V20 is a fantastic device that offers a bevy of features you won’t find anywhere else. It was just overshadowed by launches (and disasters) involving other products. It has a Quad HD display, expandable storage, a removable battery, two solid cameras on the back, a metal design, a unique secondary screen, an IR blaster and more. Heck, the only thing missing from the device is support for Google Daydream, which probably isn’t going to happen given it uses an IPS display which apparently isn’t up to snuff for VR.

I recommend anyone buying a new smartphone check out the LG V20. It slid under almost everyone’s radar this year. While there are indeed better smartphones out there, you may be surprised how much you like what the V20 offers.