Everyone loves emoji. It’s a new form of communication that replaces letters and pictures with tiny little graphics. Their flexibility is what makes them so popular. No matter where you are and no matter what language you speak, you can use emoji to effectively communicate with others. People have been using fewer words online in favor of using emoji as they tend to express emotions better.

So what’s the most popular emoji? That would be the Face with Tears of Joy emoji, according to Apple.

A document published online, called the Differential Privacy Overview, explains how Apple handles the collection of user data and analytics. The information, which is collected anonymously, helps Apple improve iOS and macOS. Here we’ve learned Apple looks at the emoji being used on its phones, tablets, and laptops to provide better suggestions. If you’re talking about something joyful, Apple’s predictive software can suggest a joyful emoji.

Understanding the most popular emoji helps because users are more likely to want those ones suggested.

It’s no surprise to see this particular emoji be on top. Whether during conversations or on social media, the Face with Tears of Joy emoji tends to always pop up. Emoji Tracker, a real-time monitor of emoji usage on Twitter, also lists the Face with Tears of Joy emoji as the most common choice. The Oxford English Dictionary even listed the emoji as the Word of the Year in 2015.

Apple listed additional emoji that follow as the most popular. The lineup includes the Red Heart emoji, Loudly Crying Face emoji, Smiling face with Heart-Eyes emoji, and Face Blowing a Kiss emoji. Those, as well as the Face with Tears of Joy emoji, round out the top five emoji on iOS and macOS.

Don’t expect the Face with Tears of Joy emoji to lose its place anytime soon. As long as people are laughing and funny things keep happening, it’ll always remain the most popular emoji in the world.