Mortal Kombat - Friendship

$4.99 for 30 one time use Fatalities in the recently released Mortal Kombat X. Welcome to the future of video games.

Of all the both potential and genuine microtransactions out there in the world, this one is pretty darn silly. If you’re playing Mortal Kombat X and you just can’t nail those taunting Fatalities, WB Games will happily take a few bucks off your hands in exchange for a pile of gimmes.

The publisher is selling “Easy Fatalities” in bundles of either five for 99 cents or 30 for $4.99. You beat your opponent, they stand woozy and you can use one of the Easy Fatalities that you purchased in order to put them down with shame.

You can’t tell, but I’ve sighed like 13 times already while writing this post. Yep, there goes another one..

I hate to get all “up hill both ways in the snow” on you folks here, but Fatalities, Babyalities and Friendships used to be a rite of passage among my friends when Mortal Kombat was a fresh game for the SEGA and SNES. Performing them was supposed to be hard, and only those who practiced the button presses again and again were able to do it consistently.

Paying money to get simple versions of Fatalities? I’m fairly certain I would have been the laughing stock of the sleepover if I admitted to that one.

These aren’t costumes or new characters, both of which arguably shouldn’t be DLC either. These are one-time use Fatalities made easy. That’s bonkers.