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Young readers apparently prefer actual physical books over e-books, according to a new study. Despite our increasing trend toward digital sovereignty, the majority of readers ages 16 to 24 said they prefer printed books because of the emotional connection—about 62 percent. That's actually pretty surprising given how quickly we're ditching the physical for the digital. Seems there's no school like the old-school.

The survey was conducted by British marketing research agency Voxburner, and found that a lot of respondents like the experience a physical book provides. Many provided reasons for their claims, like their love for how a book smells or having a bookshelf full of books in a study—things you can't get with a Kindle full of titles. Voxburner spokesman Luke Mitchell said that books are more than just their content. "Books are status symbols; you can't really see what someone has read on their Kindle," he said.

Voxburner also looked at whether people prefer other physical media, and found that 48 percent of respondents prefer to buy a physical copy of a movie, while 47 percent prefer to have newspapers and magazines in their hands instead of reading them on a small screen. Pretty much every form of content is available digitally, but the study suggests more young people, who are growing up with incredible technology at their fingerprints, actually prefer the physical form. So, with that said, going to the book store or browsing the movie section of Best Buy this holiday season might not be a bad idea after all.