Nielsen ethnicity

A new report from Nielsen found that a greater percentage of women are carrying smartphones than men — although the difference is just a few tenths of a percentage point. The research group found that 50.9 percent of female mobile subscribers polled were carrying a smartphone in March of this year. The same poll found that just 50.1 percent of male mobile subscribers carried a smartphone.

Nielsen’s study also found that, by ethnicity, 67.3 percent of Asia/Pacific mobile subscribers own smartphones. Additionally, 54.4 percent of African American mobile subscribers own a smartphone, 44.7 percent of white mobile subscribers own a smartphone and 57.3 percent of Hispanic mobile subscribers own a smartphone.

Finally, the study found that Android remains the most popular smartphone operating system in the United States with a 48.5 percent share of the market. It’s followed by iOS at 32 percent, BlackBerry OS at 11.6 percent, Windows Mobile at 4.1 percent and Windows Phone at 1.7 percent.

[via Nielsen]