Microsoft revealed this week that more than one third of Xbox One owners have purchased Forza Motorsport 5.

Despite the Xbox One sitting about 1.5 million consoles behind the PlayStation 4, a 30 percent attach rate is an impressive number, the sort of thing that usually only Nintendo can brag about. With more than 3.6 million consoles in homes, that puts Forza at over 1.3 million copies sold.

Alongside the announcement of a new track heading to Forza 5 free of charge, Microsoft gave us a bunch of Forza-related numbers to chew on.

Players have taken part in in 94 million races, and their Drivatars about 10 times that, at just over a billion, traveling over 653 million miles. That averages out to something like 72 races per player, if you like doing math, skewed by people who have 72 races on just one track and those who tried it for a while before getting ticked off at Drivatars and snapping the disc in half.

The new track, Road America, has appeared in previous versions of Forza Motorsport, but unlike previous entries, it includes four alternate track layouts. Even those of us who have every Forza on our shelves will have something new to check out here in addition to the high def overhaul the track is getting. If you have your Xbox connected to the Internet, the track should already be available.

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