I'm going to share something with you that even my husband doesn't know. You see, I'm a cheater. I promise fidelity, but sometimes things just catch my eye, and I can't resist indulging myself. I feel guilty, but how can I ignore it when Hugh, Kevin and Chris beckon?

That would be Hugh Bonneville (Downton Abbey), Kevin Spacey (House of Cards) and Chris Hemsworth (Cabin in the Woods). Our Netflix Instant Watch queue is full of content that we promised to watch together, but taunt me now, as I've been waiting to view certain titles for what feels like eons. Unfortunately, my hubby's busy schedule and erratic viewing habits often leave me with a tough choice: Either be patient, and wait weeks, months, even years to watch something I've been longing to see, or stream on without him.

Case in point: Black Adder's A Christmas Carol is still in our queue, and it's May, for crying out loud. That's just appalling. Looking ahead to Arrested Development coming up in mere days, I simply can't stomach the thought of not getting my Bluth on the moment it's available.

Go ahead and judge me, but based on Netflix's latest study, I am not alone. The company conducted a survey on "Netflix" adultery (or watching streaming vids that were supposed to be watched with a significant other), and found that 12 percent of the 2,000 American adults polled were admitted cheaters and 10 percent had been cheated on. But for those who were actually in committed relationships, 51 percent of adults said they had or would cheat. And of those who did, 22 percent said they streamed the vids in bed — while their significant other slept beside them.

Overall, the survey found that guys are more promiscuous Netflix viewers than gals. (Or perhaps they were just more truthful about it.) Seventy-seven percent of males ages 18 to 34 say they'd cheat, versus 57 percent of females.

So it looks like I have some company. But I may just change my cheating ways anyway. Frankly, I can't handle the disappointed looks when I 'fess up, nor the agony of sitting through content twice when I don't.