Yesterday’s leak of Call of Duty: WW2 and its concept art have now been further embellished by an established publication. Eurogamer is claiming that its sources say this is indeed the title of the game, and the highly anticipated return to the series’ World War II roots is indeed true.

Eurogamer states that Sledgehammer is the development studio behind this latest game, which makes sense because it is its turn in Activision’s three-studio rotation. The last game it worked on was Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare back in 2014.

More on the game when Activision makes it official.

A much-needed soft-reboot

The Call of Duty series hasn’t released a World War II game since 2008 when it put out Call of Duty: World at War. Last year’s Infinite Warfare was met with huge backlash from gamers who were tired of the science fiction settings that the series had exclusively taken over recent entries. The game launched to sub-standard sales and came up short of expectations.

Not only that, EA saw nothing but praise for its return to World War I in last year’s hit, Battlefield 1. There is any doubt that Activision will want to follow the trend that was set last year? Activision is a company what will follow the path of least resistance and history is currently in vogue at the moment.

Expect to see more in the months leading up to E3 2017.