It’s been a heck of a month for Google as rumors and leaks of their latest Android device, Nexus One, slowly crept their way around the blogosphere.  It’s been a long trip, but it’s not over yet.  As Google’s January 5th Android event draws near, more speculation is making the rounds.

The now titled Nexus One was born on TechCrunch, being hailed as a mobile phone that’s Google’s complete vision of what a phone should be.It was supposed to be revolutionary and possibly shake up the mobile phone industry.Would it be compatible with carriers around the world, sold directly through Google, or priced so competitively that it’d change the way consumers bought their mobile devices?Images of the device appeared across Twitter, bringing life to what would be referred to as the Google Phone.

Last night, Gizmodo fanned the flames with insider information that leaked Google’s upcoming Nexus One landing and purchasing pages.Shown in the images, we see unsurprising plans for T-Mobile support pricing the device at $179.99 on 2-year contract.Canceling your T-Mobile contract prior to 120 days of service, you’re stuck returning the phone or paying the $350 difference.The unsubsidized, unlocked version of the device will run you a cool $529.99.


Engadget scooped HTC’s Nexus One training materials that show much of the same information, as well as a walkthrough of the device’s features.They’ve got a PDF of the terms of sale oddly dated November 17th.Customers are limited to a maximum of five devices per Google account (as if Google accounts are hard to come by).Return policy is 14 days after the device is delivered with a $45 restocking fee.These terms also prohibit the return of devices that have been engraved with personal messages of any sort.Engraved messages?This could mean something like the iPod or maybe even custom images we’ve seen on the back of already leaked devices.The flag that we’ve seen an Android holding display data of the Google employee when scanned through a unique Android app.

If these rumors turn out to be truth, the phone itself isn’t going to change the mobile industry in any foreseeable way.HTC already sells many of their phones unlocked.Instead, this will be the first product Google has sold themselves, possibly alienating Android device manufactures along the way.It happened to Microsoft, it can happen to Google.

BTW…check out our exclusive leaked pictures.

[Via Gizmodo & Engadget]