In possibly the least dramatic way ever, Rockstar Games has confirmed the existence and future arrival of more downloadable content for Red Dead Redemption. The news comes from a Tweet posted by the company's official account in response to a question.

The question? From @Torpedo36: "Whens the new Read [sic] dead DLC coming out?" The reply? From @RockstarGames: "Look for release date and details in the coming weeks…"

There's nothing else to go on concerning the news beyond the information relayed in the Tweet above. Why Rockstar elected to bring word of the upcoming content by way of nondescript, vague Tweet we'll probably never quite understand; however, we'll take news of new Red Dead Redemption content any way we can.

The last sizeable chunk of DLC to drop for the multiple Game of the Year award winner was the exceptional Undead Nightmare. It was there that John Marston fought off and explored the fantastic as zombies came to un-life all across the Red Dead Redemption locale. That set of DLC marked the only thick story-based extra content throughout the game's post-release schedule. Everything else from Rockstar in the form of DLC has been weaponry, items, animals, challenges, maps and bandit hideouts.

That said, we're hoping the new content for Red Dead Redemption is actually story based and meant to provide us with around a dozen more hours of great gameplay. Whether that's spent cruising the west as Marston or some new character is entirely up to the team. We miss New Austin terribly and don't care how we're sent back.

As long as the game's protagonist isn't Jack Marston.

As more news comes of Red Dead Redemption's upcoming DLC, we'll be sure to bring it to you. Hopefully next time we can give you a name, some screenshots or even a trailer. Fingers crossed.

[via Twitter]

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