Poor Apple.  It's just one leak after another.  Can you imagine how hard Steve Jobs is raging right now? Not long after the first iPhone HD prototype made its way into Gizmodo's hands, it looks like a Vietnamese site Taoviet also got their hands on Apple's next-gen device.  In this case, the prototype is clearly marked as a 16GB unit, a change from Gizmodo's XXGB device.  Another cosmetic change comes near the iPhone's bottom speaker grill where the aluminum border now covers the bottom screws.

Not to be outdone, Taoveit gave the device a mandatory teardown that unsurprisingly revealed the next iPhone will be powered by Apple's A4 SoC.  This means a majority of the same guts, RAM and all, have made their way from the iPad to the iPhone.  Come June, we'll have to see if Apple downclocks that processor to suck just a little less juice from its comparably smaller battery.

Side-by-side of Gizmodo and Taoveit is below.