amiibo in One Piece Again

Late last week, we saw a scan from an issue of Shonen Jump in Japan that revealed a pretty awesome third party use for Nintendo's amiiboOne Piece: Super Grand Battle! X for the Nintendo 3DS, a game from Bandai Namco, lets players use amiibo to put One Piece characters in Nintendo costumes.

Today, we have a fresh scan that reveals the full host of Luffy's nakama in costume. You can see the scan in full above, though you can make it bigger here. From left to right, top to bottom we have Zoro as Link, Sanji as Fox, Luffy as Mario, Nami as the Wii Fit Trainer, Franky as Donkey Kong, Luffy (again) as Luigi, Brook as Marth, Chopper as Kirby, Usopp as Yoshi and Robin as Samus.

They're all absolutely ridiculous. Seeing Brook as Marth, though, awesome. "BOOOOONES JOOOOKE!"

Once we do get the New Nintendo 3DS in the western world (or the NFC adapter for current models), I really hope we see some amiibo collaborations like this one. This is amazing.

Man, I need to get caught up on One Piece.