samsung captivateThe age of the landline phone in the home is going the way of the dinosaur. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics released a study this past week that shows the number of homes in the United States that have gone to wireless phones only has nearly doubled in just three years.  In 2007 the percentage of homes using a wireless phone only was at 13.6%, but as of July 2010 that number had skyrocketed to 26.6%.

The demographics of those without phones run through many different groups.  While a goodly number of them are made up of low income households, there is also a growing trend of those 18 and older who move off to college and never get a landline as they see no need for it.  It is also a growing trend amongst people who rent their residence as they would incur a setup fee every time they moved.

Geography also seems to play a factor.  You can see a graph at the bottom of this post that shows you how households break down across the nation by age of the respondents.  Those in the upper east coast seem the least likely to follow this route, but the northern part of the plains states are quickly going that route more and more.

There is still a safety factor to take into account as not all 911 services are set up to work with cell phones, so if you plan to go this route, you may want to check with your city to see if they are set up for “reverse 911”.

What do you think?  Have you thought about going wireless only, or have you already done so?

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