Apple's very real internal implosion has taken yet another blow with news that retail VP Jerry McDougal has left the company for personal reasons. The Cupertino company confirmed the news to AllThingsD on Tuesday, and also took the opportunity to announce the VP of Finance, Jim Bean, will fill McDougal's shoes.

McDougal had been a major part of Apple's retail operations since he was brought onboard back in 2000. Following John Browett's departure back in October 2012, McDougal was tipped to become senior VP of retail, but it seems that position will remain unfilled for the time being.

Apple's retail operations are among the best in the biz, often imitated but never duplicated. Seeing such big names depart from one of Apple's biggest segments is big news, and may possibly have a lasting effect throughout the year. Apple told AllThingsD that it will continue to revolutionize retail so, at least for now, nothing is set to change.

Still, retail is one of Apple's biggest weapons over some other big name companies, so we're excited to see how the iPhone-maker responds and preservers through McDougal's absence.