Turns out Kylo Ren is a lot more demented than Star Wars: The Force Awakens led on. According to J.J. Abrams, via Entertainment Weekly, the character’s journey to the Dark Side went beyond his issues of loneliness and abandonment, verging on insanity.

There are a few spoilers ahead.

During Ren’s interrogation of Rey on Starkiller Base, he takes his helmet off and slams it onto a table covered in ashes—a strange image for a movie that’s typically not very violent. But according to Abrams, it was meant to be a sign of Ren’s descent into madness.

“The backstory is, that that table has the ashes of the enemies [Ren’s] killed,” Abrams revealed. “That moment was actually shot for, and meant to be used in, the scene where he was talking to the Vader mask.”

Damn, Kylo Ren, you crazy.

Despite his affinity of the Dark Side, Kylo Ren was always painted as a character who was at least conflicted by his decision to follow in Darth Vader’s footsteps. At one point in The Force Awakens, you almost think he can be redeemed. However, after hearing Abrams’ comments, and considering he killed his father, it appears Ren is passed the point of no return.

I get that Ren was angry at his parents for not being there, but keeping the ashes of your dead enemies is a little extreme. If Ren’s fits of rage in Episode VII are any indication of his mental state, we’ll likely find a much angrier person in Episode VIII considering he got beat up by Rey and Starkiller Base was destroyed.