Mophie isn’t in the business of making commercials, but the company has one set to air during the Super Bowl this Sunday, and we think you’re going to love it.

Just watch it before reading on; I’ll wait.

It’s something else, no? It reminds me of Sony’s Greatness Awaits commercials; it uses the beauty of chaos to convey a message.

At first it isn’t clear what’s happening—gravity ceases to exist, fish rain down from the sky, and trees randomly catch fire. Dogs even walk their owners, which is just preposterous. It seems like some insane sci-fi alternate universe, until the punchline comes: the phone used by the man upstairs has simply run out of battery. A perfectly reasonable explanation.

“When your phone dies, God know what can happen.” Hence the blizzards in Africa, and priests looting electronics stores.

The commercial doesn’t name any particular Mophie product—there are many—though it does show off its Juice Pack, which is a battery pack case available for a handful of smartphones. And that’s what makes the commercial so successful; it’s ridiculous and completely unbelievable. But it’s unconventional nature leaves a lasting impressions; perfect for the Big Game.

For Mophie’s first ever primetime ad, it’s sure a fun way to make an entrance.