Mophie announced a new case on Tuesday that can be used to charge (and protect) your Bluetooth headphones. It’s perfect timing, too, since Bluetooth headphones are more popular than ever, and are set to continue to increase in popularity as devices like the iPhone 7 ditch the headphone jack.

Mophie’s product is dubbed the “power capsule” and includes a 1,400mAh battery that it says can charge most earbuds up to 8 times. Inside, you’ll find a USB-out port that’ll plug right into your headphones. When your buds are done charging, they’ll stop charging automatically. The pack, which serves as a protective case for your headphones, also has LED indicators so you know how much juice is left.

The Mophie power capsule launches September 18 on Mophie’s site and from Best Buy. It will retail for $39.95.