Mophie on Wednesday introduced its latest mobile charging solution, the “powerstation plus family” of products. They’re all built out of aerospace aluminum with an anodized satin soft-touch finish and feature built-in cables for both charging and syncing your Android or iOS devices.

There are four products in the family in total, including an entry-level option that’s priced at $79.95 that promises two full charges of most mobile devices. However, considering it packs a 3,000mAh battery, that’s only going to apply to smaller phones with smaller batteries – phablets with batteries that are equipped with batteries that approach or exceed 3,000mAh won’t see that kind of promise. That model is followed by a $99.95 option with a 5,000mAh battery, a $119.95 model that can hold up to 7,000mAh of juice and a high-end $149.095 option that packs a 12,000mAh battery. The two larger models also come with an extra USB port for plugging in additional devices.

The two entry-level are available now, while the larger capacity options are “coming soon.” If you’re a road warrior looking for extra juice – or a gadget hound like myself, constantly trying to charge at least one of your devices, these should be pretty solid choices.



The powerstation plus Includes Built-in Cables to Easily Charge and Sync Your iOS and Android Devices

Orange County, Calif., (November 19, 2014) – mophie—the #1 selling mobile battery case in North America(1), and innovator of power and storage solutions for mobile devices—officially announced the launch of its powerstation plus line of universal chargers. Introducing an aerospace aluminum casing with anodized satin finish, soft touch housing, and laser-etched branding on a hinged top plate, the compact design of the powerstation plus also features convenient, built-in charge and sync cables making powering up on-the-go easier than ever.

Delivering 2.4 amps of power, the powerstation plus line consists of four different battery size options letting you extend the battery life of your mobile device by up to 8 times, while smart-charging circuitry provides the perfect amount of power for a safe, quick charge. The built-in micro USB or Lightning cables are housed in a discreet hideaway compartment. When connected to a computer or wall outlet, these cables allow users to simultaneously charge both the powerstation plus and their device. With an extra USB port for the higher capacity models, users can quickly charge up to two devices at the same time at 2.4A each.

“mophie continues to aggressively develop innovative power solutions for the latest in mobile technology,” said Daniel Huang, mophie CEO and Co-Founder. “Our new powerstation plus allows you to not only extend use of your mobile device anytime, anywhere, but it ushers in a higher level of convenience thanks to integrated cables, making it an ‘all-in-one’ answer to mobile charging.”

mophie powerstation plus is now available at starting at $79.95.

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