Monument Valley

Monument Valley is a fan-favorite indie game for smartphones, and apparently it even has the gusto behind its casual mechanics to attract the traditional console gaming crowd. I haven't played it yet, but everything I've heard from friends who have say it is easily worth checking out.

And I might just do so today after reading this heartbreaking news. Chalk this sale up to both interest and empathy.

Developer Ustwo has shared some data on the sales figures of the game through its Twitter account, and it isn't pretty. Of all the people who play the game on Android, only 5 percent of them have actually paid for it. The other 95 percent of the people playing the game flat out stole it. It's a mere $4 game, but even that is too expensive for 95 percent of people wealthy enough to pick up an Android backed smartphone to play it.

The game was free for a bit on the Amazon App Store, but UsTwo says the 95 percent piracy figures take that free stint into account.

iOS fares a little better with a piracy rate of 60 percent. Only 40 percent of the people who are playing the game on that expensive iPhone 5s or iPhone 6 have decided to cough up their lunch money for the day to play this gem.

It's a sad state of affairs really. These guys spent a ton of time living the dream and making their own game, and players can't even compensate them $4 for all their hard work.