I'm kinda buzzed and it's all because "This is How We Do It," Montell Jordan's 1995 party anthem is coming to Rock Band 4.

Harmonix's attempt to revive music games might not have been as successful as they'd have hoped, but the company is still trucking along with updates. They've been especially good lately, with Kenny Loggins' classic "Danger Zone," a favorite of superspy Sterling Archer, having joined the library back in March.

This is what Rock Band needs to survive

Like "Danger Zone," Jordan's hit is the kind of song that practically begs people to sing along. If not because they genuinely like the song, then maybe just because you really like Will Ferrell movies or bunk beds.

The continued move away from rock might be somewhat distressing to hardcore fans of the game, but memorable tracks like this are going to make it easier to pull the game out at parties and keep people, especially thirty-somethings who grew up watching MTV, interested.

Like other Rock Band tracks, "This is How We Do It" is available individually for $1.99. Also coming this month are Blink 182's "Bored to Death," the Isley Brothers' "Shout," and that MGMT song with all the creepy monsters in the video, "Kids."

So, you know, tip your cup and throw your hands up for "This is How We Do It."