Hey! A launch trailer for a neat looking game that I’ve never even heard of for the PS Vita. And, look, it’s about to release in, like, two weeks! This, my friends, is MonsterBag from developer IguanaBee, and it looks like a cool little puzzle platformer.

Okay, so that crazy launch trailer really doesn’t do a very good job of telling us what the game, exactly, is. In fact, I had to wind my way over to the PlayStation Blog in order to read IguanaBee Co-founder Daniel Winkler’s explanation of the game. That, friends, was helpful. Here it is.

Most of you will be asking “What’s MonsterBag about?” MonsterBag is a kind of puzzle, platformer (If you think of people as a platform!) action game. The game is about a little blue monster called V and V’s journey to get back to his friend Nia (a charming little girl), passing through places filled with people.

But what would you do if you saw a monster approaching you? Smash it to death, of course! You’ll have to help V sneak past people, all the while being aware of where they’re looking and what particular behaviors they have. Don’t worry, he has a card up his slee… well, he has no clothes, but he’s not a powerless monster. V has some telekinetic skills that surely will be useful in more than several occasions.

Finally, MonsterBag brings a nice price point with it. This weird puzzle platformer will sell for $9.99 on the PS Store, and it will hit those virtual shelves starting on April 7th. We’ll have more on this game as it comes, including a review if and when we get our hands on it.

For now, what do you think? Will this thing bring the PS Vita community some love?