The Cloud is great for storing most data. But if you need fast, secure access to your files, you can't beat portable solid-state storage. TechnoBuffalo Deals currently has two great deals on Monster drives.

First up is the Monster Overdrive, a 128GB solid-state hard drive, which is currently $34.99 shipped. It offers the capacity to store 1280 hours of video or 49,000 photos, while still being compact enough to go anywhere. The drive works with Mac and Windows, with a USB 3.0 connection to make the most of the speed. It also comes with the Monster Encrypt file security system pre-installed, meaning you can easily protect your data with 256-bit AES encryption.

Alternatively, you could go even smaller with your storage, and grab a two-pack of Monster USB Flash Drives for $24.99 shipped (70% off). It includes one standard 64GB drive, and one 32GB model that can wirelessly connect to your Android phone or tablet. The drives both have a top USB transfer speed of 80MB per second, and you can stream media directly from the stick. Both drives are compatible with Windows and Mac, and have a durable metal exterior.

Order now to save 56% on the 128GB Solid-State Hard Drive, and 70% on the two-pack of Super Speed Flash Drives — both with free shipping to the Continental US.