I haven’t played Monster Hunter Stories since I went hands on with it at TGS 2015, so I’m eager to see if my positive impressions of it hold up. Luckily, you and I will both get the chance next week when a free demo will appear on the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

The game is exactly what it appears to be. Capcom wanted to appeal to a new generation of gamers with the Monster Hunter franchise, and it took this spin-off in a Pokémon-esque direction. Annoying sidekicks, bright colors, and, of course, monster collecting, you’ll find all of these tropes in the game with the addition of a fully rendered 3D world to explore.

You’ll be surprised when the Nintendo 3DS is able to chug out such a good looking world.

Again, these are all just memories from a last-minute hands-on impression two years ago. It would be best to give the game a shot yourself next week for absolutely free when the demo launches.

Monster Hunter Stories will be released for the Nintendo 3DS on Sept. 8.