Since the portable’s Japanese launch that happened towards the middle of last December, the PS Vita has found itself on the low end of the Japanese sales charts. It’s performed mostly better than portables and hardware from last generation, but regularly below the PlayStation 3, Wii, Nintendo 3DS and PSP.

If you look back on a few of those weekly sales recap posts (here and here, for instance), I often point towards the absence of a largely popular Japanese game as the reason for the system’s less than stellar sales in its home nation. The franchise I typically call out is Capcom’s Monster Hunter, which is huge in Japan.

PlayStation France CEO Philippe Cardon spoke with, a French gaming site, about what title he felt was missing from the PlayStation Vita’s Japanese launch. He then goes on to clarify that the title’s coming will rectify things. Here it is, courtesy of VG247 and auto-translate:

“The games available at launch in Japan do not correspond to the typology of the Japanese public. It lacks a particular game, Monster Hunter, scheduled for the coming months…

…Had it been there from the start in Japan, the story would have been different.”

Cardon, and I expect the rest of Sony, have been considering the same possibility that a large portion of the gaming community has observed: no huge Japanese game at launch translated to a lackluster performance. Sony only needed to look at the Nintendo 3DS for proof of that point.

They could also look at the Nintendo 3DS for proof of what happens when companies finally do introduce large franchises to a system’s software suite. That typically translates to sales.

Monster Hunter may not be 100% confirmed by Capcom for the PS Vita, but Cardon pencilled an entry from the franchise into the calendar a few months out. As more comes on that game and the PS Vita’s sales performance, we’ll have it.

[source, via VG247]