Link is not the only character that will be lending his outfit to Capcom's upcoming release of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Nintendo and Capcom have confirmed that he will be joined by his long time "2nd place to Mario" rival Samus, who donates not only her normal Varia Suit from Metroid: Other M but also the slick, blue Zero Suit that appears in several different Metroid games.

Set with that music and those sound effects, watching Capcom's trailer almost makes this look like it could be a legitimate Metroid game. It might as well be, since Nintendo isn't making them anymore. Samus storms her way alone through a fiery cave, and she takes it to the house against towering monsters many times her size. What kind of weapons does she use? Well, an enormous plasma bazooka designed to look like her traditional arm cannon!

Only, roughly ten times bigger, of course.

When her armor crumbles apart in a violent explosion, Samus emerges in her Zero Suit, which is built with a far more mobile skillset in mind. Martial arts and bows and arrows. I don't know why, but this roguish build seems fitting for Zero Suit Samus. It must be all the sneaking she does in Metroid: Zero Mission. Man, that added level was amazing, wasn't it?

I became mildly interested in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate after going hands on with it at TGS 2014, but it was more of an excuse to go hands-on with the New Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo confirmed that Link's clothes would be making it to American shores when the game launches in early 2015 as Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, but those clothes are merely a cute diversion from the game's normal loot.

This Samus costume changes the entire feel of the game and is totally out of the world, setting a standard for what all bonus costumes should set out to be. Consider me sold.