Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is selling well now that it’s released outside of Japan. Capcom announced that the Nintendo 3DS title has shipped more than one million units in Europe and North America.

The company cites a few key reasons for the title’s success, all of which I agree with.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate launched alongside the New Nitendo 3DS XL in North America. It even had its own special edition handheld.

The game also offers free DLC on the first Friday of every month, and that’s a huge boon for fans who are trying to get every little bit of content out of this already massive game.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, finally, has a demo version. Ah yes, demos. I love those, and they show genuine confidence in the product on behalf of the developers an publishers, and that translates to success.

Have you picked up Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate? What do you think? Is it worthy of the sales it’s seeing?