The mysterious game known only as X from Monolith Soft will follow in the spirit of the studio’s last Nintendo hit, Xenoblade Chronicles. During the Nintendo Direct yesterday, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata showed off the first we’ve seen of the massive RPG’s battle system.

Director Tetsuya Takahashi believes that the new battle system in his latest game is close enough to Xenoblade Chronicles to keep what made it so much fun intact, and at the same time, it will bring some new surprises in both polish and customization.

The footage shows off a new protagonist pulling out a sword and going to town against a tentacle beast, but never did I expect him to pull out a full fledged minigun. From there, as the enemies grow in size and number, the protagonist bolts into his mecha robot and takes to the skies to blow them away from the air.

For those who never got a chance to play Xenoblade Chronicles because of its limited release and high price on the second hand market, the game’s battle system has received universal acclaim for cramming everything that makes JRPGs fun into a simple streamlined menu. For such a complex game, it makes all of its mechanics very accessible.

No title or release date for Monolith’s latest RPG have been announced yet, but we’ll be sure to let you know once we have one. A massive RPG is what the Wii U needs to disprove those who think it can’t handle huge games, and Nintendo looks like it has a bonafide hit on its hands with this one.