Monkey Island

Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion creator Ron Gilbert is responsible for some of the point-and-click adventure genre's most endearing classics. While he current chips away at his Kickstarter-backed throwback to the glory days, Thimbleweed Park, he also moonlights as "a dude who wants to get his stuff back from Disney."

Gilbert created both Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island while employed at LucasArts. After leaving the company in the mid-90s, he claims he always felt okay leaving his brainchildren in good hands with the company that created them.

Ever since LucasFilm was bought outright by Disney, though, he has sought to reacquire the two beloved series to keep them from winding up in a vault somewhere deep below Grand Thunder Mountain. With the recent news that Disney is giving up on video games, the stalwart Gilbert thought he might give it another shot.

This is not the first time Ron Gilbert has publicly asked Disney to get his franchises back. Disney, infamously know for hoarding IP, has not yet graciously responded, and no doubt, Gilbert is hoping that pressure from the fans will aid in his favor.

Probably also known to Gilbert is that this is a wall he has no chance in breaching, and the money tagged on the end of the Twitter post is another way to speak Disney's language. That too will most likely go unnoticed.

Unless the stars align or somehow the combination of fan pressure and relative pennies nudges Disney's corporate heart, we probably won't be seeing Monkey Island or Maniac Mansion any time soon, unless Disney is able to talk J. J. Abrams into rebooting them for the big screen.