iStat Pro Widget

Being a self-confessed gadget junky, I like to take good care of my gear. Aside from screen protectors and case covers, there are other ways to keep your Mac in top shape.

One such application is iStat pro, a free widget from the folks over at iSlayer. iStat pro comes packed with some great monitoring features, fit for any paid app.

The Positives

With no need for a complex install and setup, this widget is ideal for everyone from the novice user to a fully fledged techxpert. With iStat pro, you can quickly and easily track the most important aspects of your Macs performance.

  • CPU usage
  • Memory usage
  • Network Activity
  • Hardware Temperature
  • Fan Speeds
  • Customizable Panels

I use it mainly to keep a track of my network activity and temperatures. Being a power user, I tend to find my MacBook Pro heating up very quickly, and staying hot for a long time. Knowing which apps cause high network bandwidth and temperatures helps me to manage the way I use my Mac. For instance, if I plan on using Photoshop or iMovie ’09 I’ll prop up the back to allow a little more air to circulate.

Possibly the most glaring positive for this widget would be the fact that it is totally free, without advertising. Though they do encourage users to donate.

The Negatives

Perhaps the only downside to the iStat pro widget is the lack of deep functionality. I’d like to see specific drill downs for each element, so that I can see exactly which app is using up memory, which app is causing my CPU to get hot under the collar and which app is trying to download the internetz.

However, all of the features I’d like to see in iStat pro are available in iStat Menus. I suppose I’m just picky.