Twitter Moments

Twitter just appointed a new CEO, and just hours later it announced Moments, which the social network describes as "the best of what's happening on Twitter in an instant." Remember when Facebook introduced its trending section? Moments is essentially that, surfacing the best of Twitter, such as hot conversations, trending topics, breaking events, and more at any given moment.

Users will see a new lightning bolt tab on mobile with a list of stories that emerge throughout the day; this is Moments. The new feature will present you with a general view of what's trending, but you can dive deeper into categories for things like entertainment, sports and more. Basically anything that has been popular over the past few days will likely make an appearance through Moments, keeping you up-to-date with what's popular around the world.

Moments are updated throughout the day, with Tweets and conversations surrounding certain topics also surfacing. Not only is this designed to bring popular topics to the forefront, but it's meant to encourage conversations between Twitter users. You can even follow a specific moment as it's happening to ensure you're always on the cutting edge. You'll be able to follow this weekend's USA vs. Mexico playoff game, for example, and directly engage fans and opponents.

To get a feel for how Moments looks, check out the screenshots above. It's a natural evolution of Twitter, which has been pretty stagnant over the last few years. In addition to Moments being assembled by a "curation team," some contributions will also be made by publications such as BuzzFeed, Entertainment Weekly and more; more partners are expected in the future, so look out for more announcements down the road.

Moments is being introduced to folks in the U.S. for Android, iPhone and desktop, with more availability to come.