Peter Molyneux, of Fable and Black & White fame, started 22cans in order to create unique gameplay experiences. Their first effort was Curiosity for mobile devices, but now they've moved on to something else. Project GODUS is a god game that, if its Kickstarter succeeds, will release for the Windows, Mac, Android and iOS platforms.

The new gameplay video you see at the head of this post is a brief proof of concept that has been released on the game's Kickstarter page.

GODUS aims to be the spritual successor to Populous, the grand daddy of all god games that launched nearly 25 years ago. Populous was created by Bullfrog Productions, a studio co-founded by Peter Molyneux.

Do you want my opinion? I owned Populous on the PC growing up. I played the game that, in the words of the GODUS Kickstarter page, launched the god game genre. In hindsight, it was okay at best. It founded a new game genre, but its mechanics became incredibly dull over time. That's to be expected of very old pioneer games. Now, if GODUS was built more like Black & White 1 and 2, I'd be incredibly excited. For now, this pure proof of concept hasn't done much to interest me.

However, we all know Molyneux will do everything he can to pour as much of his on unrivaled passion into this project. Molyneux is famous for falling in love with every single game he builds, and he often asserts that his latest project is the best thing he's ever done…until it releases and he moves on to something else.

I love that passion for game design, and I love that Molyneux still gets excited to inspire new things. I won't be backing GODUS just yet, but I'm following it closely. He and 22cans still have nearly three days to convince me to pony up the cash. Where do you stand?