Peter Molyneux's Curiosity cube has come to a conclusion, and a final winner has been announced. Gamers around the world have been tapping away for months across four million devices and destroying a grand total of 25 billion cubelets.

At the end of it all is Bryan Henderson, 18, of Edinburg, Scotland, who destroyed the middle cubelet and will now reap the rewards.

What is the "life-changing" promise Molyneux will be granting young Henderson? Well, he will officially become the gaming God of Molyneux and 22Cans' newest game, Godus. Henderson's job will be to meet with the company and create the rules and morality of the video game.

He will also be financially rewarded as Molyneux states, "Every time people spend money on Godus, [the winner] will get a small piece of that pie."

Godus will be a new "God game," which will allow gamers to run their own planets as they see fit. Only problem is that they will still be subject under one overseeing God who will be running the entire show.

Not a bad deal for the young Henderson, but his victory has angered many around the Internet considering he had signed up only an hour before winning it all, letting everyone else do the months of hard work.

Congratulations on the victory. Don't let the rest of the world get you down.