Moleskine on Wednesday announced its latest smart notebook, the “Paper Tablet,” a new notebook that’s available with a special pen for $199.

The Paper Tablet looks like a standard notebook. In fact, it actually is. However, Moleskine is marketing it as a “new generation tablet” that allows you to jot notes, make sketches and more, all while seamlessly syncing up with your smartphone.

It uses special “Ncode” paper that can keep track of where a special smart pen is on the page. As you write or draw, the same note is saved into a special Moleskine Notes app available for iOS and Android.

It’s really similar to the Moleskine Evernote notebook but features a special new pen that enhances the experience. Users can change colors, for example, highlight text, delete pages, move notes from one digital page to another and more.

“Written notes can be stored in handwriting or transcribed into digital text so they can be exported, edited or searched,” Moleskine said. “Notes can be shared in various file formats to other applications and devices including Google Drive and Evernote.”

Each “smart writing set” includes a Paper Tablet and the special Pen+ for keeping notes. Additional notebooks cost juts $29.95 each.