Apple’s approach to mobile gaming is changing in iOS 7, and the controller you see above is a new step in that direction. Earlier this month, we saw a Logitech MFi iPhone gaming controller leak out, and Moga’s peripheral is along the same lines. Only, the design is more familiar, essentially like an Xbox controller with an iPhone stuffed inside. But imagine how those joysticks will change the way developers design mobile games. First person shooters, racing games and platformers will be so much easier.

According to @evleaks, the MOGA Ace Power controller packs its own 1,800mAh battery, so you won’t have to worry about your device draining on a long gaming binge. When iOS 7 was officially unveiled this summer, the company quietly noted that the software support MFi game controller support. Meanwhile, blueprints for designing a gaming controller for iPhones was released by Apple, meaning there’s a formula that developers can build off when designing their game specifically with controller support in mind.

The Moga peripheral has a slight leg up on the Logitech because of its ability to collapse (image below), making it more portable. So far we’ve seen accessory makers follow Apple’s more standard formula, attaching their controllers directly to the iPhone. But iOS 7 will also support a wireless configuration, too. It’s unclear when the Moga will be released, though Apple previously promised we’d start seeing devices his later this fall.