Six more maps have been added to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered. It now has 16. This comes as a free update to the game, and it joins the Gun Game and Hardpoint modes.

Here are the maps, straight from Activision’s blog post.

  • Bloc: Large Russian apartment bloc. Intense Domination matches.
  • Countdown: Open launch pad. Huge sight lines and dangerous maneuvering.
  • Pipeline: Russian trainyard. Excellent team games.
  • Showdown: Small desert arena. Great fast gameplay for small numbers of players.
  • Strike: Large urban desert town. Excellent team games.
  • Wet Work: Medium-large cargo ship. Fast-paced Search and Destroy matches.

And as a bonus we’re adding a fan-favorite to the mix, and it has some goodies waiting for you to unwrap.

  • Winter Crash: Dark and snowy holiday-themed Crash. Beware the airstrikes…

Female soldiers are in, too!

If you’ve played most modern FPS shooters, you’ll know that there’s been the option to go with a female soldier for a long time. That wasn’t really the case back when Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare initially released in 2007.

With the remaster, developer Raven Software kept the initial customization options as limited as they once were. That is, until this week’s large update. The note in the post about the update is a bit vague, but here’s the word from Activision.

Personalization is a big part of Call of Duty and something we’ve done in the series for a while now that fans really enjoy. But of course, we’ve done it very carefully as our highest priority is to retain the balance, aesthetics and player silhouettes in the game.

Today’s batch includes animated calling cards, emblems, camos, character personalization items, weapon customization pieces, and even new melee weapons.

Right, doesn’t even mention the female soldiers. They’re there, though. Have at it!