Modern Warfare 3 is set to get its next hit in the Call of Duty Elite DLC season. Coming soon to Elite subscribers is Overwatch (pictured above and in the gallery at the base of this post). It looks like this skyscraper map will be based in New York City and should feature tons of moving platforms and locales.

What stinks about this new content is that it’s only going to be available to one base of users when it launches on February 21st. In fact, that’s the major bummer going with the brand new DLC model Activision has introduced with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Call of Duty Elite.

The Xbox 360 users with a Call of Duty Elite subscription will be the only gamers capable of enjoying this new content once it drops. In fact, they’ll still be the only base of players playing new content for Modern Warfare 3 on February 21st. Thanks to the month early exclusivity Activision and Microsoft agreed to, PlayStation 3 users won’t even be playing the first set of content released to the 360 crowd in January.

I guess I’ve fallen into the deepend here and am embarking on a full-scale rant. Sorry about that. It just blows my mind that Activision championed and sold Elite as the one way gamers could get into the Call of Duty action early and often; oh, you game on the PS3? Sorry, you’ll have to wait a month.

Even better, for those folks that game on the PC, the platform that brought first-person shooters to mass popularity, there isn’t even a Call of Duty Elite option. They’re waiting to see the content release as a batch at an unknown date.

But, hey, I guess one slice of the market is happy.

How do you PC and PlayStation 3 gamers feel?

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