The throwing knife is probably one of the most bizarre weapons in the online multiplayer shooter category. It's not that the thing is particularly unique or devastating, it's that its behavior is crazy and unpredictable. Add Modern Warfare 3's simple to use post-game video recording system to the mix, and you've got a combination for weird gameplay clips and, seemingly, trick shots.

And that's exactly what you'll find in the video above. As the headline for this post indicates, I definitely feel like this throwing knife kill stands tall amongst the most absurd multiplayer video clips I have ever seen for any Call of Duty title. A blind throw from across the map that bounces off an aircraft several times before phasing through it and murdering the prone player below? Weird.

I almost feel like Michael Jordan and Larry Bird were standing next to the player dictating the shot before he took it. Call of Duty: Modern Horsefare.

Killer sweater, Mike.

How's your killing going in Modern Warfare 3? If you know of any crazy clips like the one above, feel free to drop it into the comment box below for the rest of us to enjoy.

[via CVG]

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