The video above is a preview of what you'll be able to expect with the first of this season of Modern Warfare 3 DLC. It also highlights some of plans for the future year's worth of content.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is set to get a ton of downloadable content starting at the end of January and running until September of this year. The players that will reap the benefits of said extra content? Call of Duty Elite subscribers.

Starting with the two maps launching on January 24th, Call of Duty Elite members will be privy to 20 separate content drops until September. Robert Bowling, Creative Strategist at Infinity Ward, spoke with Joystiq about what gamers can expect to see released in these content drops:

"The first pack is traditional multiplayer maps, but we want to do Spec Ops missions, missions, Spec-Ops Survival, new game types, new game modes, and really look at adding things that we've never done before…"

If you're not a Call of Duty Elite subscriber, you'll have to buy and download each pack as Activision releases them in Content Package form. The first collection will happen in March. Prices have not been announced.

If you game on any platform outside of the Xbox 360, you'll need to wait a full month to access any of this content. That also applies to Elite subscribers on the PlayStation 3. Your Call of Duty content season will start in February, not January. If you're a non-Elite subscriber on a platform other than the Xbox 360, you'll need to wait until April to download the first content package.

Activision and Microsoft announced an exclusive Call of Duty DLC deal back at E3 in 2010. All extra content for the big yearly shooter would have a month of availability over Xbox LIVE before all other marketplaces.

What to you think of this way of releasing extra gaming content?

[via Joystiq]

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