Elon Musk has broken the biggest mystery around Tesla’s unannounced Model Y. The subcompact all-electric CUV is going into production some time in 2020, ending non-stop rumors about when exactly we would see Tesla’s next signature EV.

Earlier this year, Reuters reported Tesla was aiming to start production for the Model Y in November 2019 and was already seeking a request for information from part manufacturers for the car. Elon Musk came out and flatly denied the report during a conference call for Tesla’s earnings report for the first quarter of 2018.

According to Musk, production on the Model Y is starting in 2020 and it will bring a “manufacturing revolution” when it does. As for what this manufacturing revolution could be, Musk did not elaborate.

Musk has been trying to do his best to keep the conversation positive around Tesla even though it has gone through a rough time as of late. Claiming a “manufacturing revolution” is on the way sounds more like optimistic bluster than a concrete promise, but we’ll keep an open mind as to how the Model Y production unfolds. Hopefully it’s better than the Model 3.

Putting the production goal two years away is a sound move on Tesla’s part. It has been stuck in non-stop production hell with the Model 3, its compact and affordable sedan. Most important would be to fix this issues before moving forward with another car. An aspect that could greatly help would be basing the Model Y’s architecture on the Model 3. However, it remains unclear if that is what Tesla is planning on doing.

Tesla is aiming to ramp up production on the Model 3 to 5,000 per week in the coming months.