Tesla will begin manufacturing the first “test” batch of Model 3 cars beginning on February 20, Reuters said on Wednesday evening. It’s the first time we’ve received a solid manufacturing date from Tesla, which so far had only said mass manufacturing would begin in July.

It also suggests that Tesla is finished with all of the features for the Model 3. Some of those details are still being kept close to the vest, though Musk has said he’ll reveal them sometime this spring.

Reuters said Tesla revealed the date to suppliers so that it could start gathering the parts required to begin building the Model 3.

While Tesla has enough pre-orders to keep its manufacturing busy for a while, Reuters said this is just a test before it kick-starts the process full steam in July, as planned. Still, it’s exciting for anyone who placed a Model 3 order to see that things are starting to take shape.

Tesla will likely use these tests to get a better estimate of how many vehicles it can create, and how quickly it can get the more than 373,000 pre-orders out to customers. Once Tesla starts delivering Model 3 cars to customers, the skeptics who have argued Tesla won’t ship any of the cars this year may finally be quieted.

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